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Interview: World Media Summit valuable platform for global media communication, exchange, cooperation — QNA director general


The upcoming fifth World Media Summit is expected to become a valuable platform for global media communication, exchange and cooperation, said Ahmed bin Saeed Al Rumaihi, director general of Qatar News Agency (QNA).

The World Media Summit has been continuously driving global media transformation, working towards establishing a more just, inclusive and responsible global media system since its inaugural event in 2009, the director general told Xinhua prior to the fifth World Media Summit hosted by Xinhua News Agency.

He highly praised the opportunities created by the World Media Summit for sharing media experiences and progress amid globalization, adding that the summit mechanism is conducive to promoting consensus, pursuing common development, seizing new opportunities, and addressing new challenges in the field of media.

Regarding the role of the media, he said that it plays a foundational and multifaceted role in addressing global issues and ensuring public enlightenment.

« This role includes monitoring events, disseminating information, analyzing problems, promoting discussions, and influencing decision-making, » he said.

He added that the role played by the media is crucial, and global media needs to demonstrate a sense of responsibility in serving the public interest, striving to create a positive, healthy, and cohesive public opinion environment.

He pointed out that in today’s interconnected world, countries are increasingly interdependent, and the media, as a link between nations, has become more important in this era of significant changes.

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